Vagamon a town in kerala also called as the “Scotland Of Asia.” The cool climate in and around this area is the secret behind the tourist attraction. But this town isn’t packed according to commercialisation but the green meadow’s, mist, fogs, pine forest, tea estate, waterfalls gravitate the users to spend time here.

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Some of the unfamiliar but must visited places are as follows

Vagamon Pine Forest

Vagamon-Pine-ForestAfter entering Vagamon the first place to be visited is this Pine forest. This admirable and breezy forest is facing the enchanting valley to spend quality time. This artificial pine forest history is dating back towards the British Raj and provides better ambience.

Also a better place to click photographs, many film directors are attracted towards this place and made many movies in this location.

Idukki Dam


A double curvature arch dam constructed across Periyar river between two granite hills. This geometric marvel dam also holds the tag of highest arch dam in Asia. This dam holds the major part behind the electric power stations of Kerala. Beyond the story and significance of the dam this majestic dam will just awestruck when you witness its appearance. It’s just provide wow

Barren Hills

barren-hillsThis hill atmosphere change according to the season from the lush to bare islands. But this place is ideal to experience the good time in all seasons of Kerala. Especially a spot for the picnic. Its refreshens your soul and has a perfect view .

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Marmala Waterfall

Marmala-WaterfallDoes anyone of us will say no to the natural shower, absolutely no ! because it relishes our soul and mind, even it’s good for our health too. Marmala waterfalls is also one of the natural shower to enjoy the bath. This falls isn’t familiar so with the natural touch without pollution one can enjoy this waterfalls. Also this waterfalls is located in the accessible area so pretty better choice to give a shot.

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