When we heard the name Mysore, the first thing comes to our mind is Sandal. Yes, you are right… Mysore is famous for Sandalwood, Sweets, and Silks… 

Mysore is famous for its Ultimate infrastructure of buildings and monuments. This is the cleanest city in India for the year 2018 and the Cultural Centre for the State of Karnataka… If you are interested to visit this place and get to experience the place then YGO Tours and travels from Madurai is delighted to provide the touring service to Mysore in the Budgeted price.

Why you have to visit Mysore once in your lifetime?

Travelling out of the State, but within the budget and to see more places nearly… So Mysore is the right choice to roam around.

Top 8 Places to visit in and around Mysore:

⦁ Mysore Palace

⦁ St.Philomena Church

⦁ Jaganmohan palace

⦁ Railway Museum

⦁ Mysore Zoo

⦁ Karanji Lake

⦁ Srirangapatna – (Tippu sultan’s area)

⦁ Brindavan Garden & KRS Dam

Mysore Palace:

Mysore Palace is the most visited palace in south India, it has 6 million visitors per year. This is built for the royal family Krishnaraja Wodeyar III. Outside the Mysore palace, there is an interesting horse ride, which gives you a different experience.

From the entrance, you can see the Mysore Palace great architecture. To reach the palace needs 5 – 10 mins walk. The best place for Selfies is in front of the palace. There are a garden and a temple.

And step into the Dreamworld Mysore Palace, you can see very great infrastructures and monuments of the Palace.

St.Philomena Church:

St. Philomena Church is 1.5 km far away from Mysore Palace. This is the second largest church in Asia. Today it stands as a major tourist attraction of Mysore, apart from being a celebrated religious place.

here is no entrance fee for the St.Philomena Church, and also the entrance is allowed to all.

The church is renowned for its spectacular architecture in the Neo-Gothic style. A very unique feature of the architecture of St. Philomena’s Church is that this ornately crafted building has identical length and height of 175 feet each.

Jaganmohan Palace:

Jaganmohan Palace is 2.4 km far away from St.Philomena Church. The Mysore Palace, the first home of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III has torched in a flame and Until its reconstruction, the illustrious family lived in the Jaganmohan Palace. The main session of the Legislative Council of Mysore State occurs here.

The Jaganmohan Palace changed as Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery. It contains more than 2000 depictions of speaking to Mysore, Mughal and Shantiniketan styles of painting. It has a popular painting of the Lady with the Lamp which is shown in a room all individually. The esteemed gathering of artistic creations by Raja Ravi Varma, perhaps the best painter ever of craftsmanship, are shown here.

There are some memorabilia of the imperial family, and furthermore coins, brassware, weapons from wars, melodic instruments and different collectibles.

Railway Museum:

The railway museum is 2 km far away from Jaganmohan Palace. This museum over 160 years old. Under the supervision of the Indian Railways, the exhibition hall was introduced by Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar the royal family.

This historical center contains photos and a progression of very imaginative artistic creations that portray the development of the railroads and changes in the flagging examples since origin. This rail gallery is a spot worth chatting with your family. everything here would most likely add more happiness to your vacation involvement.

Rail Museum  has examples of steam, diesel, and electric trains and you can climb into and onto most of them.

While the Maharaja’s Saloon is arranged at the National Rail Museum in New Delhi, the Mysore historical center has the Maharani Saloon. The Maharani Saloon comprises of a room, washing offices, baggage room, a kitchen, a feasting vehicle unit and a different space for hirelings.

Mysore ZOO :

Mysore zoo is located 3.7 km far away from the Railway Museum. Mysore zoo is one of the 10 most popular zoos in India. It covers a totally of 157 acres.

You can book the Paid Bus available at the entrance, from my experience if you want to see all the animals go by walk. In every 500 meters, there is Mineralized water and Restrooms are there. By say frankly, you can see all the animals in the nearest distance while compared to the Vandaloor Zoo.

You can spot all the animals and birds not only the wild animals at the famous Mysore Zoo. Visiting this place and exploring it to the fullest with your loved ones is undoubtedly amongst the top things to do in Mysore in a day. By say frankly, you can see all the animals in the nearest distance while compared to the Vandaloor Zoo.

Karanji Lake:

karanji lake is located 1.3 km from Mysore zoo. Karanji signifies ‘wellspring’ in Kannada. Karanji lake was built 100 years ago, by the king of Mysore as a percolation tank which was used by residents for bathing, and washing and drinking.

Karanji lake is also maintained by the Mysore zoo. It covers a total of 90 hectares, in this 55 hectares area covered by water. Karanji lake also has cycle rides, boating facilities and kid’s corner.

Karanji Lake is home to over 90 types of inhabitants and transient winged animals. It has India’s greatest aviary on the banks of the lake. The aviary has birds like Peacocks, White Peacocks, Black Swans, White Pigeons, etc.


Srirangapatna is a 16 km distance from Karanji lake. In the Period of Tippu sultan, capital is transferred from Mysore to Srirangapatna. It has best places like, Tippu sulthan(summer palace), Tippu sulthan death place, Graveyard of Tippu and his family, Jumma masjid etc.,

Brindavan Garden & KRS Dam:

Brindavan Garden covers 19.2 km from Srirangapatna. It takes around 2 to 3 hours for Brindavan Garden to complete the visit. 

The evening is the best time to visit.

It has boating and Musical fountains as a best part of this.

Where to Stay and Eat in Mysore:

There are many hotels in and around the Mysore palace, we can choose the hotels based on our budget. My suggestion is to select the hotels that are giving Hygenic food and need to avoid non-vegetarian foods.

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