Coorg, a little town in Southern Karnataka also called as the “Scotland Of India.” The cool climate in and around this area is the secret behind the tourist attraction. But this town isn’t packed according to commercialisation but the green meadow’s, mist, fog, pine forest, top rated coffee estate, spice plantations, waterfalls gravitate the users to spend time here. It ranks among the Popular hill stations in India.

Besides Nature, Coorg is rich in cultural heritage. The Kodavas and the Keil Poldhu, a famous festival where the Kodavas worship their weapons, is worth a visit. 

Coorg is the best place to shop – Coffee, Honey, Spices & Dry fruits, Chocolates, Oranges, Tibetan Artefacts & Coorg Wine.

YGO Tours and Travels one of the best tours & travels who has remarkable tour operating ideas will help you to safely make your trip at an affordable cost.  Beyond this before planning a trip to Coorg one has to know what are the places that have the best quality to attract people.

Coorg has following main attractions,

  • Abbey Falls
  • Madikeri Fort
  • Raja’s Seat
  • Golden Temple
  • TalaCauvery

Abbey Falls :

Abbey falls is located approximately 7 kms from Madikeri town. This delightful place is a must visit place for Natural lovers, photography enthusiasts. The sheer beauty of Abbey Falls is truly mesmerizing and attracts a number of visitors every year.The Hanging bridge is one of the attractions at Abbey falls.

It is known for its rich green environment and the perfect common magnificence. The view is fabulous and it is a joy to see the cascades falling down from a height of 70 feet in the midst of an all encompassing scene making one of the most appealing cascades in South India.

Madikeri Fort :

Madikeri Fort which is also called as Mercara Fort is located just 1 km from the Madikeri town. It is one of the top attractions of Coorg. This fort was built by Mudduraja in the 17th century. He also built a palace inside the fort. Later it was renovated by Tippu Sultan, and he named the site as Jaffarabad. Later it was maintained and renovated twice by british.

The fort houses a museum in what used to be a Christian Church with artifacts dating back even to a over a thousand years featuring statues of Coorgi deities as well as other objects of historical significance.As it is located on top point of Madikeri Stuart hill, you can enjoy 360 direction view of town.

Raja’s Seat :

Raja’s Seat is located just 1.5 kms from the Madikeri town. Raja Seat, true to its name, translated literally to “Seat of the Kings”. It is a garden with a variety of colourful flowers blooming all around. This Place was decked with all kinds of flowers in various artistic display forms.

Kids love the deer, camel, elephant, snake & dinosaur statues standing between the flowers. Grown ups enjoy the view of sunset which is very beautiful to watch from this point. The best time to visit Raja’s seat is either sunrise or sunset.

Golden Temple – Tibetan Monastery :

Golden Temple is located approximately 35 kms from the Madikeri town. This is a great monastery to understand Tibetan/Buddhist way of life. It’s a Huge, Vibrant and Peaceful monastery. There are a lot of golden colored statues along with  stunning and beautiful paintings on the walls & ceilings. 

Meditating here gives a lot of peace. Make sure to sit and spend some time in the main temple area. In the Main building where Tibetians paying their respect lying fully on ground and some circling their Prayer wheels. It has a building having accommodation and few shops too for monks and school for young monks with a big garden.

TalaCauvery (TalaKaveri) :

Talacauvery is the place where the river Cauvery originates. It is one of the main attractions in coorg. It is located on Brahmagiri hills near Bhagamandala in Coorg district of Karnataka. Talakaveri is at a height of 1,276 meters above sea level. However, one can visibly see the water flow from this place to the main river course throughout the year, except during the monsoon.

A tank has been erected on a hillside at the place which is believed to be the origin of the river. There is also a small temple which is visited by pilgrims. The river originates as a spring feeding this tank and many people come to bathe on special days. Behind the temple are around 150 steps. Once one ascends them, you will reach a place so close to nature that it is overwhelming. The waters are then said to flow underground to emerge as the Kaveri river some distance away. The temple has been renovated extensively by the state government.The whole place is beautiful and surrounded by greenery. There is a wonderful view of the whole deep valley.

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